Immigrants lead plunge in U.S. birthrate

December 3, 2012

I thought this article  was one of the best investigative articles that I have seen recently. Not only did they cite PEW research, Center for Disease Control and many others, they also provided links to where they got the information so you could see for yourself.

It discusses the fact that hispanic women, both foreign born and native born, are declining more rapidly in pregnancy rates than any other group. They equate this to the fact that hispanics are one of the poorest minorities in the United States. With the recession, this has only increased the issue.

Something else that I found really cool is that the person they talked to from PEW was actually the same person that I had the opportunity to talk to for my census story.


One Response to “Immigrants lead plunge in U.S. birthrate”

  1. Very cool! Especially the part about your interviewing the Pew rep., used in the story. See, you’re bigtime now!

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